What It Is

Our sober living program is designed for those who need immersion in a sober environment, but have limited financial options. The high cost of sober living and rehab facilities makes the financial support devoted to this program all the more critical. Nobody who needs a structured long term option and might fail without it should ever be denied a chance at a better life over affordability.

The Environment

Your day here is similar to a retreat, but with more personal time for individual work and reflection. This is not a typical transition environment where you share the house with many other people in recovery and get back to outside life with a job while checking in. The point to being here is for you to be isolated with your recovery plan while you acclimate to it. It’s just you and your coach while you figure out how to confidently apply your motivation to daily life and give yourself time to adjust.


We’re selective about who ends up in this program and require candidates be detoxed from physical dependency before arrival. You can’t detox here, but we can take you after you leave a detox facility or if you’re otherwise already past physical dependency. Your physical safety and state of mind are important for results. Other requirements are decided on a case by case basis and can be discussed as we explore your options. Ideally, people who are considering a longer term stay here will fit one of these situations:

  • You’re coming out of a short-term hospital detox and are motivated to change, but are ineligible for other residential programs. Typically you would stay with us up to one month if approved.
  • You have completed a residential rehab program and are not yet emotionally ready to go out on your own. You’re afraid it’s too soon and you will fail without more support. Most likely, you are financially ineligible for sober living assistance. Typically you would stay with us up to one month if approved.
  • You’re newly clean and motivated to stay that way, but things are difficult enough that there’s a high toll on your home or work life. Perhaps you integrated into your old life too quickly without proper support and you’re not coping well. Typically you would stay with us between one and two weeks if approved.
  • You’re clean and have been for a while, but are starting to lack confidence in maintaining your sobriety. Sometimes this is an effect of a major life event, or simply because you’ve fallen into a routine where what worked for you before no longer motivates you. You feel tempted to fail and it’s affecting other areas of your life. This is a perfect opportunity for a retreat, but occasionally someone needs something longer than a few days. Typically you would stay with us between one and two weeks if approved.

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