Who It’s For

Whether you’re new to sobriety and need to start with some concentrated attention or you’ve been clean and sober for a while and are no longer on a path that gives you confidence, there is no shame in this not being easy. A recovery retreat removes you from life’s distractions so you can build both your plan and your commitment for what comes next with the one-on-one support of your Recovery Coach. Typically a recovery retreat is two to three days.

What Happens

We take only one person at a time with individual attention on addressing existing and upcoming challenges in a completely directive, confidential, and private residential environment. Whatever benefits we can give you through Recovery Coaching are multiplied exponentially in a retreat. It’s 24/7 living-by-example with your Recovery Coach and constant attention to tools that meet the needs of your personal story.


Located in the scenic mountains of Moorefield, West Virginia, “the cabin” is uniquely suited to the task. Just 2.5 hours from Washington, DC, the cabin is a three bedroom, two bath small log home nestled in a quiet, isolated, twenty acre wooded parcel on a mountain-top ridge. It’s twenty minutes of winding gravel from the nearest paved road and two miles from the nearest full time neighbor, offering nearly complete privacy for your comfort, confidence and focus. The view is a mix of mountain and woods with great summer sunsets and abundant wildlife, including everything from deer to bears to bobcats to wild turkeys, and some great bird watching with falcons, hawks, hummingbirds, tanagers and bald eagles. You have a private room and your own bath. Everything is designed to make you feel at peace, and at home.

Front During Spring

Fall View From Deck

Winter View From Living Room

First Floor From Windows

First Floor From Front Door

First Floor From Kitchen


Loft View Down

Loft View Up

Summer Sunset

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