In a game, a mulligan is a do-over, or a second chance. We’ve been helping find second chances in real life since 2015. In that time, we’ve grown to be trusted by private and public addiction recovery and rehabilitation programs alike to take their referrals. We’re here for you too.

We believe sobriety does not have to be a daily white-knuckle challenge forcing you to live the rest of your life in fear of failure. We believe with the proper tools, you can learn to embrace all the positive aspects of your sobriety and make it part of you, just as your addiction became part of you. We believe changes in your cognitive behavior and getting to the root of why you use in the first place to find your own personal motivation, not just sheer willpower, hold the keys to your success and your pride in yourself for achieving it. You are not powerless, and you are not alone.

When you talk to someone here, you’re talking to someone who has already been down this path and made it. We’re successfully recovering and living sober lives. We’re not someone trying to understand you. We are you. That’s a great benefit, but it’s not enough on its own. Our coaches also have experience in substance abuse counseling environments. We believe the best support comes not from one or the other, but both together.

All our services are partially supported by grants, donations, and a pastoral counseling mission to ensure nobody is turned away for financial reasons.

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Members of NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals and the West Virginia Association of Alcoholism And Drug Abuse Counselors